2018 Summer in NYC Application

Download the appropriate 2018 SiNYC Application below.

SC Residents ages 13 – 17

SC Residents age 18 only

SC Residents age 19 plus

Non – SC Residents age 13 – 17

Non SC Residents age 18 only

Non SC Residents ages 19 plus

Live Auditions are at: South of Broadway Theatre Company

Call, text or email Donna Jones to make an appointment

Please check your application category for instructions.

*The American Theater Wing Andrew Lloyd Webber scholarships are available. You must be a student at a public school in grade 6-11 in the U.S. or Puerto Rico. Submission deadline is Jan 17, 2018.

Camp dates for 2018 are June 10 – June 30

The program is designed to be a life-altering performing arts residency in the artistic capital of the United States: New York City. Participants will meet and study with some of the greatest professional artists in the world.


While “Summer in NYC” is an artistically rewarding program, the pace and intensity of its training schedule can be physically and emotionally demanding. Please audition with the understanding that discipline and a commitment to work hard are required for your success.